What Is Hummingbird?

By Animaven on January 22, 2013

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If you experience that sweet sadness of finishing an anime that left you beautifully emotionally drained or totally pumped with nothing new to watch, then there’s a new service out there that may work for you. It’s called Hummingbird, and it’s entering the beta stage soon - and you guys can get in on it. 

hummingbird anime

There’s not much info just yet, but Hummingbird looks to compete with sites like My Anime List to catalogue and analyze what you watch and what you SHOULD watch. The pictures show something very similar to Crunchyroll’s layout, so perhaps there’s a connectivity there? We’ll see. 


In the meantime, sign up for the beta, or mosey on over to their Facebook page and enter to win one of three Cunchyroll subscriptions. 

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