Yoko and Nia Twin Pack!

By Animaven on January 22, 2013

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Few shows stubbornly refuse to go out of style the way “Gurren Lagann” does. From the theme that spawned a million bro-lationships to Yoko’s persistence in not falling out of that damned bikini top, it’s just a delightful show all around. 


Phat Company agrees, which is why they’ve made this twin set of figures in the style of “Panty & Stocking.”

gurren lagann

Made of PVC and pure moxie, Yoko and Nia are adorable. Their feet may look more like hooves and Yoko doesn’t have quite as much underboob, but still. Very nice - especially Nia‘s hair. And who can resist a pig in sunglasses? 

gurren lagann

Look for their release in July, for roughly $26. Not bad! 

gurren lagann

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