Heaven's Lost Property

By Dkun on October 29, 2012

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If there's a single genre of anime that I feel I completely do not understand it would have to be romantic ecchi comedies. These shows rarely ever do anything exciting or new, and they are just one-trick ponies that don't amount to the further development of humanity.


Heaven's Lost Property is the perfect example of why I do not like these shows.

Originally based on a manga that ran in Shonen Ace, Heaven's Lost Property is based on a character named Tomoki Sakurai who lives in a quiet little town, and all he wants is to live in a peaceful and quiet life. However one night he suddenly sees an angel fall from the sky named Ikaros, who begins to call him master. And from there on an endless chain of shenanigans follows.

It's later revealed that Ikaros is what is known as an Angeloid, who live to serve their masters. Ikaros has several powers, such as being able to do whatever the plot demands. So what does Tomoki do with these new powers? He freezes time, looks up girls' skirts, and streaks through town. This is the first sight that you need to know that Tomoki is a terrible human being.

Ikaros is a very quiet Angeloid who seemingly doesn't remember anything about herself. She does for some reason seem to have an obsession with chickens and watermelons.

There are additional side characters as well, such as Tomoki's childhood friend and neighbor: Mitsuki. It's her job to beat the crap out of Tomoki when he's being a pervert. Tomoki also has another friend known as Eishiro Sugata, who is an oddball genius who appears to be homeless.

The poor guy has it rough.

I will give this show credit in one regard. In most shows like this, a lot of guys tend to not be too bad guys, but horrible circumstances cause them to be beaten up for no reason. In this show, the main character is an ass and is accordingly beaten up every single episode. That I'm okay with, because he deserves it.

Later on another Angeloid appears named Nymph. Nymph is clearly up to something, but she's too busy being a tsundere archetype such that nothing important comes from anything she does really.

There is apparently some sort of plot going on, but it's not particularly important or memorable. Ikaros is clearly not just the quiet dimwitted girl that everyone thinks she is. She hides a dark and terrible secret that she must hide from her master.

Despite all of this, it doesn't really matter aside from like two episodes, and the rest of the time you're reminded of stupid instances in the show, like when Tomoki tried to sneak into the girl's bath by turning himself into a girl.

Personally? I really can't stand this show in that it's only objective is to be a fan service show, and on top of that it's not even that good of fan service. It's supposed to be ecchi and sexy, but you just end up feeling creepy and kind of bad for the girls who are subjected to the horrible blight on humanity that is Tomoki. If you're into these sorts of romantic comedy shows, maybe you'll enjoy it. But for me, I'm just trying to figure out how I'm gonna get through the second season of this.


Also this totally happens in this show:

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