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Universal Music (South Korea)

2YOON is a duo consisting of 4Minute's Ji Yoon and Ga Yoon (hence their name). The first track here on their debut mini-album, "24/7," is something different and unexpected: country K-Pop. The song it most reminds me of is "Blue Jeans" by American country pop artist Jessie James. It's also somewhat in the vein of the pop remixes of Taylor Swift's songs. Still, "24/7" is ultimately K-Pop first and country second. In fact, it would simply be a K-Pop song if you removed the country guitars. The slick pop beat, the crunchy rock guitars during the chorus, the perfect harmonizing the girls do on the uber-catchy chorus -- all unmistakably K-Pop. That said, the country guitars sound nice and somehow feel quite natural here. The funny thing about this song is that it sounds so cheerful and positive but I read the translation of the lyrics and they're basically complaining about the monotony of life and it's actually pretty depressing.

There's nothing even remotely country about the second track, "악몽" ("Nightmare") featuring II Hoon of BTOB, a hip-hop flavored pop tune which begins with Hoon delivering some hip-hop in English. "It's gonna be my last laugh and last song, maybe," he raps. "I think you've got it." Then the girls begin singing beautifully, their vocals syrupy sweet. "Disillusion of my dreams," the girls sing over and over at the end of the infectious chorus. Later, Hoon reappears for a rather intense verse in Korean.

"Why Not" blends loud, glimmering synth and punchy, thunderous beats with the girls' warm vocals for what may be the most addictive track on the mini-album. "Good night, sweet dreams," the girls sing at one point and I couldn't tell if they were being sarcastic or if they meant it. I couldn't find a translation of this one though. If I really had to guess, I'd say it does sound kind of sarcastic. Either way, the song has a nice, feisty attitude and overflows with energy.

Google couldn't properly translate "쎄쎄쎄," just spitting out "Cee ssesse." Kikaflo delivers some hip-hop vocals on the down-tempo R&B ballad, which finds the girls doing their best Mariah Carey. It's a smooth and soulful track that demands a music video.

Finally, we have "Black Swan" featuring 낯선, whose name Google translates as Stranger. Where "24/7" blended country and pop, this genre-bending earworm slices and dices synth pop, punchy hip-hop and even little flourishes of dubstep.

Ultimately, Harvest Moon is just as remarkable as 4Minute's work if not actually better. But I'll leave that for the fanatics to debate. I'll simply finish by stating that all five songs here are truly all winning gems.

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jaimie_ting_ - February 23, 2013 11:24pm


Could not possibly agree more with Michael's take. Harvest Moon is without question a great five song mini album. It is just as enjoyable as 4Minute, and I believe stronger than the solo releases from Hyun-a (no disrespect to her - I love Hyun-a). Now available from iTunes (US), I encourage all to give Harvest Moon a chance. I'm confident you will not be disappointed. My favorite song from Harvest Moon is Nightmare.

jaimie_ting_ - February 04, 2013 6:08pm


I cannot wait to listen to this. I love 4Minute and Ga Yoon is my favorite member. Hopefully iTunes will soon make it available. They should as Korean labels do a great job on getting their artists music out there through iTunes (US).

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