By Paris365 on July 30, 2014

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Apparently, this often dubbed "plastic" duo -- also known as FEMM -- is a serious Youtube sensation. To that end, they have several singles available in the iTunes U.S. store. But their new single "FXXK BOYZ GET MONEY" is the first time I've come across them. Why, who knows... While I do tend to cover certain artists over and over again, I also keep my eyes and ears open for new artists, so I should have heard of these girls sooner. But I didn't, and for that I apologize because you deserve to hear them, as they're quite good!

So, Far East Mention Mannequin's Agency Syndicate -- that's their full name -- aim to strike the shock pop vein with this provocative tune that seems to have more occurrences of the word "fuck" than Lily Allen's "Hard Out Here" has "bitch," but that's just a small reason to like them. Well, actually, it's a pretty big reason to like them because there's something very amusing about hearing young women singing the word "fuck" over and over again. At least to this writer anyway. But the song would be irresistible even without the swearing. It starts off with some ultra-punchy and addictive beats and continues to deliver top notch beats throughout the song, which also features flourishes of synth, dashes of electro-pop and even a bit of electrique guitar.

"You can help with the protein baby," they sing -- try not to gag -- during the English-language track that toys with words to make things that don't rhyme actually rhyme so often that you probably would assume that it's mostly in Japanese the first time you hear it. I thought so the first few times I heard it, to be honest, only realizing it was entirely in English once I watched the song's video, which displays much of the lyrics on screen even though it's not so much of a lyric video as a regular video that just happens to show a lot of the song's lyrics in it. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck boyz get money," goes the chorus once you're two thirds into the song. (There are less "fuck"s earlier in the song.) And it's downright contagious. It's also a veritable earworm that you'll have playing in your head for days after you listen to it, so be warned. -Michael McCarthy

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