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Kyary's third single, "ファッションモンスター," or "Fashion Monster," once again finds her collaborating with capsule mastermind Nakata Yasutaka, who wrote and produced the relentlessly monstrous track. It kicks off with some clattering drums which quickly give way to strings, horns, synth and assorted sounds that are very much like carnival music, which is more or less Kyary's trademark sound at this point. "Fashion monster," Kyary sings sweetly over and over again as some electric guitars play in the background and we hear another clangy drum roll before a thick, luscious electropop beat begins along with the first verse. The tempo is fast and it only grows faster once it hits the infectious chorus. After the chorus we hear a whole wall of sound with fluttering beats, various loops and distorted guitars going crazy before that winning electropop beat resumes just in time for the next verse. Suffice to say it's an ultra-catchy song and easily among Kyary's best.

The B-side, "100%のじぶんに" (Google translation: "100% Of Their"), is a perfect match for "Fashion Monster," as it features more clattering drums and carnival style sounds along with flourishes of synth and some funky bass guitar noodling. The tempo is just as upbeat and irresistible as "Fashion Monster" and Kyary's voice sounds as cute and adorable as ever.

The second B-side is an extended version of Kyary's classic ""Tsukema Tsukeru," which actually has an even thicker, punchier beat than the original version of the song. It's quite the banger and her voice mates very well with these sort of driving, propulsive beats. In other words, it's full of boundless energy and sure to move you. -Michael McCarthy

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Oh god, this was amazing.

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