LADYBABY: Renge Chance!

By Paris365 on April 23, 2016

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Ladybaby is the unholy -- depending on your definition of unholy -- metal music trio consisting of Ladybeard, the professional wrestling, crossdressing, bearded character of Australian Rick Magarey and aspiring models Rie Kuromiya and Rie Kaneko. As you're probably aware, their first song/music video "Nippon Manju" (translation: "Japanese Bun") went viral, getting 1 million views in just 2 days at one point.

Self-described as "Kawaiicore," the big difference between Babymetal and Ladybaby is that Ladybeard sings in Ladybaby, whereas Babymetal only has female voices, aside from an occasional grunt in the background. Speaking of grunting, Ladybeard's vocals are death metal style -- although I guess you could call them metalcore -- and very abrasive compared to Rie and Rie's pretty vocals.

Ladybaby's new single -- their third -- is called "Renge Chance!" and the video features the trio making Japanese ramen bowls in a rather humorous fashion, which is sort of what the song is about as it has them chanting "Ra-Men, Ra-men!" More specifically, it's a song about saving the world with ramen. As for the title, a "renge" is a Japanese ramen spoon. It's an amusing song and even funnier video, but what really makes me like it is how brutally heavy *and* catchy the song is. Believe me, there aren't many bands with death metal vocals coming up with songs as addictive as this. (I should know because death metal is one of the many things I'm into.)

The b-side is "C'est si bon Kibun," the first part being French for "it's so good" with "Kibun" being Japanese for "Feeling." Its vocals are more like sandpaper than "Renge Chance!" but no less addictive. (They must have used a lot of MSG in the making of these songs.) Interestingly, there are parts where the beats sound like programmed electronic beats, but they're quite brief, the majority of the song featuring what are obviously (kick ass) live drums.

Much like Babymetal, Ladybaby is something you're either going to love or hate. The reactions they get are always polarizing. Ultimately, I think you have to like death metal on some level to fully appreciate Ladybaby since at least half of the vocals are in that style. With Babymetal, I suppose you can simply be a J-Pop fan and still like them, but there's no way you're liking Ladybaby if you can't stand death metal. You might find their videos amusing, but there's no way you'll be listening to these two razor sharp diamonds on repeat. -Michael McCarthy

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