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Back in May, PASSPO☆ announced that they would be releasing three singles -- one each month -- over the next three months. Released late last month, "妄想のハワイ" -- or "Moso No Hawaii" -- is the third and final single in the series.

"Moso No Hawaii" (Google translation: "Hawaii Delusion") begins with the girls singing along to some traditional Hawaiian music -- the sort of light guitar and reggae-ish percussion that immediately pops into your head whenever someone mentions Hawaiian music -- and I'm sure it's authentic because the song was actually produced by vocalist/guitarist Ano Yuta of the band Hawaiian6. Since they recruited Yuta specifically for this track, I'm assuming that Hawaiian6 is an actual Hawaiian band. After all, when PASSPO☆ wanted to do L.A. hard rock, they went and recorded it with Guns 'N' Roses as their backing band. Whatever the girls do, they wholly invest in it. And yet it always still ends up sounding like PASSPO☆, much to their credit. To that end, roughly 27 seconds into this song it turns into a full-scale PASSPO☆ J-Rock song. Thunderous drums, crunchy guitars, chugging bass -- you could say it's classic PASSPO☆. And it's awesome, the music delivering hooks aplenty. But, of course, the song's real hook is the killer but melodious chorus, during which the girls harmonize beautifully as usual. It should also be mentioned that the Hawaiian percussion actually continues throughout much of the track. You might not notice it if you're not listening for it, but it's there in the background and it gives the song a nice, authentic vibe.

The B-side is called "無題," which CD Japan spells out as "Mudai." When I translated it with Google, it spit out "Untitled." So, I guess the song is actually called "Untitled." In any case, it's got a super fast tempo that has the musicians playing their instruments so fast you'd think they were in a contest to see who could play the fastest. That said, it's blistering, invigorating fun. It's like the audio equivalent of a turbo shot in your iced coffee at Dunkin' Donuts. Or an extra shot of espresso at Starbucks. You get the idea. This song is what caffeine sounds like. And you bet it's entirely awesome. The guitars are blazing, the drums pound away with vigour, the bass is splendidly groovy and the girls are full of pep, sounding as though they just indulged in a whole lot of something stimulating. Like they were snorting Moutain Dew or something. Vroom! -Michael McCarthy

Two limited edition, first pressing versions of this single are also available. Each features a unique cover and comes with a DVD featuring exclusive footage.

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