By Paris365 on April 28, 2016

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Ladies and gentlemen, the members of VIXX have surrendered to the dark side. Well, at least for their latest single, which is named after the Greek God of Rivalry and Envy. Zelos is the first part of a year-long "large-scale project" they're doing called VIXX 2016 Conception, so, then again, maybe they will be evil all year. I'm hoping that proves to be the case because the three tunes here are all fantastic.

Opening the release is "다이너마이트," otherwise known as "Dynamite." which is about getting drunk and going crazy for a night, according to the translation. ( It's a funky, disco-tinged song with heavy beats, jangly guitar and lots of glimmering synth, ultimately sounding very retro. It's far from being my favorite song that they've ever done, but it's still pretty darn catchy. Only trouble is, it lingers on in your head for quite some time after you've listened to it and you're liable to get sick of it. There is one cure though: listen to the next song, the ultra-infectious, "늪(Six Feet Under)," which is all about the object of your affection making you go crazy (translation:, something we should all be able to relate to. This one has more of a modern vibe, though it also packs jangly guitars and is heavy on synth. "Bye bye baby now," the guys sing (in English) and you just might find yourself singing along. It's definitely one of my favorite Vixx songs to date.

Finally, prior to an instrumental of "Dynamite," is "손의 이별," translation "Farewell hands" ( It's a downtempo, R&B-style ballad about being lonely, but it packs some heavy beats like the previous tracks. The lyrics are melancholic (one line translates as "my heart doesn't beat anymore)," but the music sounds like a happy sort of ballad to my ears. Instead of the instrumental, or at least in addition to the instrumental, they should have released a stripped-back version of this one without the loud beats. They wouldn't have had to add anything, just take those beats away and they would have had a nice version with just piano, strings and acoustic guitars. Oh well, the original is great anyway. Just saying that it would've been cool to have two versions.

My only complaint about these songs is that they really aren't any darker than your average K-Pop songs, which is to say that they aren't very dark at all. I suppose I shouldn't have expected anything too dark with its pink album cover, but the product description on Yes Asia had me thinking this was going to be different from your usual K-Pop love songs. At least the evil eye imagery is something different for them. -Michael McCarthy

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