Want some DRRR toys?

By Animaven on November 08, 2011

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The strongest man in Ikebukuro, the dullahan, the information broker, the slasher and two guys at the head of two gangs - what could this show be, other than "Durarara!"? Toys Works brings us a collection of 10 chibi figurines. 


They're all exceptionally cute, but the best are all on that bottom row. No three characters have taken off from this series like the anti-bromance that is Izaya and Shizuo and the lovely black rider. 


These guys cost 7,776 yen (about $100 for all 10) and are slated for release in late March. They're on pre-order now. 


They're made of Non-Phthalate PVC and ABS. 


Ready, set, pre-order!



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