Attack on Titan

Real Action Hero Levi is On the Way

By Animaven on December 30, 2013

He's big! He's Expensive! He's 1/6 scale!

Soft Vinyl 'Attack on Titan" Colossal Titan

By Animaven on October 25, 2013

Because "Attack on Titan" is still called for

Attack on Titan’s Eren in Figma on Pre-Order

By Animaven on October 15, 2013

The figma pre-orders go live October 16th

"Attack on Titan's" Levi is Going, Going, Gone

By Animaven on September 29, 2013

Who could resist that heroin chic?

Nendoroid and Figma Mikasa on Pre-Order!

By Animaven on September 04, 2013


"Attack On Titan" Gets Abridged - And It's Lulzy

By Animaven on August 20, 2013

Because we were all thinking it.

"Attack on Titan" Attacks WonFes

By Animaven on July 30, 2013

It's like high school. There's no doubt who the most popular kid is.

Quite Possibly The Best “Attack on Titan” Merch Ever on Pre-Order

By Animaven on July 22, 2013

Gentlemen: credit cards at the ready!
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