Haganai NEXT

Mikatan Previews “Hagania’s” Maria

By Animaven on July 12, 2013

Tiny and adorable – just like the Nendo line.

Kotobukiuya’s Kobato is Happy to be On Pre-Order

By Animaven on May 06, 2013

She must be on prozac, or something, because she is never this happy in the show.

Haganai’s Sena Shows Off her Meat

By Animaven on April 21, 2013

Haganai’s Sena Shows Off her Meat Hubba hubba moo moo

Phat’s “Haganai NEXT” Twin Pack

By Animaven on March 07, 2013

Yozora and Sena looking kinda blah

“Haganai NEXT’s” Sena is Your Fantasy Girl

By Animaven on March 01, 2013

Slave Sena? Yup.

“Haganai’s” Yukimura is Versitile

By Animaven on February 25, 2013

Whether you like her as a maid or in a swimsuit, this figure has you covered.
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