Teen Titans

Teen Titanswas an American animated television series created by Sam Register and Glen Murakami and produced by Warner Bros. Animation. It premiered on Cartoon Network on July 19, 2003. Its last episode,"Things Change", premiered on January 16, 2006; the show lasted five seasons of thirteen episodes each.Teen Titans Go, a comic book written by J. Torres based on the show, was published by DC Comics.The direct to video film,TeenTitans: Trouble in Tokyo, will act as the"series finale"(interestingly,the performers of the Teen Titans theme, PuffyAmiYumi, come from Japan).

Teen Titans is based on the DCComics superhero team,the TeenTitans, primarilyThe New Teen Titanscomic books and its relatedseries from the era of MarvWolfman and GeorgePerez. It revolves around the main team members Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, BeastBoy, and Raven.The series is character-driven and often focuses on the struggles the maincharacters have with being teen-aged superheroes.Many episodes deal with the relationships between the characters as friends,and with the personal limitations of the characters.

Seasons two and four were based upon two of the most popularNew TeenTitansarcs,"Judas Contract"and"Terror of Trigon"respectively. Manycharacters from the comics, such as Aqualad and Speedy,appear occasionally throughout the series.

The show assumed to be set in"Jump City"but the city is never mentiond byname (which is seemingly far from Gotham,as stated by Cyborg), and there was evidence that indicates it is on the WestCoast. TitansTower, also from the comic books, is used as a headquarters for the team.

Self-referential humor is used throughout the series with villainsof the week for many episodes. The animation style is influenced by anime,represented by the art style as well as references to popular anime suchasFLCL.The series's theme song also alternated between the English version and Japanese versionof the song, both sung by the Japanese pop band PuffyAmiYumi.

According to WilWheaton (the voice of Aqualad) the reason behind the cancelation of theseries is that the new executives at Warner Bros. Feature Animation decidednot to renew the show based on the pitch for the sixth season. (Wikipedia)

Starfire Covergirls of the DC Universe statue by Adam Hughes!

By starro on January 17, 2012

Starfire! One of the best known female-characters in the DC pantheon. A member of the New Teen Titans, is rendered here by Adam Hughes and made into an awesome statue presented by DC Direct! Stunning presentation of a wonderful character.
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