UFO Robot Grendizer

UFO Robot Grendizer(UFOロボグレンダイザーin Japanese, a.k.a.Grandizerin America,Space Adventuresin the Arab World ,Goldorakin France and Québec, andGoldrakein Italy and Malta) was a mecha anime show created by legendary Japanese anime artist Go Nagai. It was shown on Japanese TV in 1975 and lasted 74 episodes.

Grendizeris a fictional mecha from the anime and manga series of the same name, created by Go Nagai. Within the story, Grendizer was created by the Vegan Empire and stolen by the Prince of Planet Freed, who piloted it under the guise of the masked warrior Duke Freed. (Wikipedia)

Maria Freed (Dark Color Variant)

By starro on June 29, 2009

So, here we have a figure that may straddle the line between AnimeCDX and CollectionDX! A "re-imagined" statue of one of the token female characters from the classic Go Nagai giant robot anime UFO Grendizer!
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