Ame Comi Heroine series Big Barda!

By starro on September 20, 2011

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Review by starro

Review! Its appropriate that we review the "Big Barda as pirate" Ame Comi statue as today is Talk like a Pirate Day!  

Here's a view of the box.

A close up of the box-art anime version of Big Barda...

There are not really any other accessories other than the prop Parademon head and her Mace/Megarod  that goes into her hand

Here is the front of the whole statue put together.  No posability. The head goes underfoot. And the Megarod goes in-hand. 

The sculpt and details are GREAT. The abdomen details and underboob are curvy and delightful..

Things that I like?  The scar on her face and the detail to the eyepatch..

Some great tease here..but the bikini seems like a molded part of the breast. Not a lethal flaw but takes away from the presentation. But, nice breast presentation...

One of the odd things... Barda's hair comes off.  Not sure if this is deliberate so we can see the tattoos?  Or if this is because the glue or whatever has dissolved and the hair is loose?  Deliberate?  Or quality control? 

Look at that FINE detail on the TATTOOS!!.. Mr. Miracle's Motto "Live Free or Die!"

And "Die for Darkeid" on her leg..

Based on the incredible details and majestic presentation-it makes me sad to report on the pretty awful places where there's a lack of quality control. If you see the seam between her abdomen and the yellow belt on her pants??  There's a pretty distinct brown layer where the glue or whatever has bled out.

Some Side Left...

Some side right...

Rear View

Big Barda's assets...

Fine detail on her kneepads.. Darkseid I believe?

Legs have good details..

And here is the connection with the base...

the base is pretty standard and articulation with the feet is decent.  The Parademon head goes on okay but is sort of loose.

Overview.  Big Barda is a great statue with MANY fine details that add to the overall character. Sculpt is nice and the motif/presentation work well.. I'm still kind of annoyed at the various quality control problems.  I could see a nice place for the Ame-Comi statue line relative to the Bishoujo statues-but it would be nice if they could just frakkin' improve the quality of these... 

JoshB - September 20, 2011 9:20am


Unlike the other Ami Comi statues, I had no idea who this character was. I wonder if that affects sales at all?

CollectionDX Admin

Dkun - September 20, 2011 2:29pm


I'm certain it didn't help. Objectively speaking I think that this statue's pretty well done. Only problem being... Are there really that many people who would want a Big Barda?

But I guess that Ame Comi must be selling well enough that we're able to get these characters though.

starro - September 20, 2011 10:57pm


well, I think the other side of the coin is that if the line is about to go under-it doesn't matter who you make into a figure. I'm not sure we're going to see Ame Comi for much longer. I've heard very little about new statues. Nothing at SDCC. And at the moment only the three variants of Raven are set for 2011/2012.

I kinda like these newer ones but as I said-but these look shoddy compared to the Kotobukiya Bishoujo ones...

Dkun - September 21, 2011 2:02pm


Hmm. I did not consider that. Doesn't help I don't may much attention to Ame-Comi. I just kind of go "Oh hey, a new one's out! Neat." And that's as far as I look into it, haha.

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