Ame Comi Heroine series Wonder Woman version 3!

By starro on September 25, 2011

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Character Wonder Woman Manufacturer
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$ 70.00
Review by starro

Box art that shows the artist's vision of this version of Wonder Woman...

Here is the Box

Open it up and we have the plastic blister. As with all of the Ame-Comi statues, once the base is removed from the sealed plastic cover, there's no going back!

The figure itself is about 8 inches tall (with base). No other accessories. No posability although one of her feet does shift a bit. 

I like the details on this statue quite a bit. The tiara is asymmetrical and there's distinct blue highlights to the hair.

This Wonder Woman takes on the more typically anime-style eyes.  Larger and bluer. Otherwise a pretty generic, if pleasant facial sculpt.

Of course, as we move down the abdomen, we see all of the various sexy tease details that make the Ame Comi statues interesting to the 18-35 Male demographic....

The abdomen/torso. The bustier is pretty clearly molded into the breasts. Not an unusual aspect of this line. But not as nice as the natural layering you see in others.

Note the red arrow/circle below. This is where the 3rd yellow bit (shown in the picture below it) has broken off. These come off really easily.  Nice effect, I guess but mine arrived with one of richochet effects already broken off.  Not sure if that's something that is just inevitable or not. It can be glued back on-but is a hassle. 

Side view from the left.  I like the shoulder pads. Paint on these is okay. Mine didn't have the high amount of bleed the other statues have shown.


Side view from the right

Here is the rear view

Closer view of the full back and etc.

Close up of the ass which is okay..

Details on the legs is good. 

The base. Connection is not as solid as I would like it. But effective.

Overview. This is a nice compliment to the Big Barda statue that was released at the same time (reviewed here). The presentation is eye-catching but distinguished as befits a figure bearing the Wonder Woman title. The color and sculpt are good and the 'reimagining' is a good one.  I'm still annoyed with Ame Comi/DC Direct on issues like the broken richochet effects..but there's enough of them left that any incidental damage  might be overlooked. If the rest of the Ame Comi line continues with PVC statues of this caliber, I'd be happy to see the line continue alongside the Kotobukiya Bishoujo line. 

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